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Sand Anchors Save?

Maybe the title is a little dramatic, but one New Jersey city as has taken the use of sand anchors to serious business. A bill has been introduced in Atlantic City requiring all beach umbrellas be secured whenever an umbrella is in use on the beach.

While a law requiring securing a beach umbrella may seem severe, there is good reason to guarantee your umbrella is anchored correctly. By nature umbrellas are susceptible to wind, so precautions are necessary. Here are a few suggestions:

Use a sand anchor. There are several types available, the easiest to use, most cost effective are made of fiberglass. Our sand anchors have a propeller on one end in order to twist easily in the sand. Twist down a minimum of 12 inches.

Ocean winds can be unpredictable. If the winds pick up over 20 mph, the umbrella should be closed. An open umbrella in the wind is a dangerous umbrella.

Be aware of wind direction. Wind direction is often overlooked. Your umbrella should be tilted toward the wind so the umbrella will be pushed into the sand, not out of it.

Pick a commercial grade beach umbrella. Plastic or vinyl umbrellas tend to fly out or upend. A 14 lb commercial umbrella with heavy weight fabric and a wood pole instead of pliable plastic will offer much better protection.

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